Online Drum Tracks

Along with full band recording, I also provide online drum track recording services. This service can be for songwriters, producers or bands that need professional sounding tracks for their EP or full album. I can provide everything from raw separate drum tracks, processed separate drum tracks, stereo mixed drum tracks and stereo processed mixed tracks to go along with your songs.


  • A version of your song to get an idea what you’re looking for.
  • A guide version of the song with no drums that is played to a click with the tempo.
  • What bit rate (24 bit, 44k or something else)
  • How many tracks would you like if there are specific things you need.
  • Any links to other songs that you would like the drums to sound like.


  • A quick MP3 mix of the take (with a possible alternate take) for review. A possible 2 fixes are provided.
  • Once all confirmed you get up to 10 tracks of raw drum files or a stereo mixed file
  • For a slight extra fee, I can provide the individual tracks processed as well.


  • Please contact for prices. Deals given for multiple songs
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